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Green Line Holdings is an indoor vertical hydroponics company focused on the cultivation and distribution of high-quality, leafy green vegetables in Philadelphia, PA. 

Green Line intends to expand into the hemp industry.  Hemp is a natural progression in their product line diversification and will integrate easily into their state of the art hydroponic technology.  The existing Green Line Research & Development facility is a 4800 SF area on the second floor of a warehouse located in South Philadelphia and is being used to test additional cultivars and make continued improvements to their patented Smart Tower System.

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“We are America’s First Vegan Certified Farm. Safer & Cleaner Than Organic”

Vast Expertise Involved

Locally Grown

Farm to city day of harvest

Climate Proof

Consistently outstanding quality with an all season price

Vegan Certified

Pesticide and Herbicide Free

Vegan Certified

America's First Vegan Certified Farm
Safer & Cleaner Than Organic

Pesticide Free 2
no herbicides 2
no manure
no animal products 2
no gmos